Qbrick System

Qbrick System brand is a gamechanging opening in professional systems of storage and transport of tools. It is the ultimate sum of experience we gathered for over 20 years of interactions with our clients and researching the market, built in order to deliver the best possible product, enhancing effectiveness and comfort in clients’ everyday work and hobbies. We know how important mobility, reliability and optimal usage of space is, thus we put most emphasis on designing the most thoughtful and ergonomic solutions for our modular toolboxes.

Every line of products we put out on the market is designed in a way that fulfills each and every expectation of varying tradesmen. Every product is completely modular and compatible with rest of products within each system we produce, therefore it is possible to create your own sets and combinations, best suited for your needs, out of modular pieces we provide.

What makes us unique


Innovative features that we have equipped our products will save you valuable time and energy. We offer a new perspective on the issue of ergonomics.


Every detail in Qbrick System was made from the strongest available materials , there is no room for compromise. As a result, our products guarantee years of trouble-free operation even in extreme operating conditions.


Knowing the different expectations of our customers we have created a system that allows you to create the optimal combination for versatile applications. We know that you are the one who know your needs!


Each of our products can be transported in a convenient and safe way regardless of the obstacles, which every day you encounter on your way. With our solutions, your way to work will definitely be easier.



Unique technological solutions and modern design used in Qbrick System products are under patent protection.

Buying Qbrick System products you get a guarantee of the highest quality, which facilitate your daily work and develop your passion!

Qbrick System One

Version ONE is the system designed for the toughest tasks. High load capacity (up to 50 kg), resistance to extreme overload (max. 120 kg), the complete resistance to water and dust (pressurized design + seal), the ability to transport large power tools, are just some of the features that set these products on the market of modular and mobile tool boxes. In the hands of users we give two alternative transport systems. The first based on the box on wheels with telescopic handle (Qbrick System ONE Cart).

The second option, it’s built on the mobile platform (Qbrick ONE Transport Platform System). Other boxes (ONE 450, ONE 350, 200) and a capacitive ONE Box Plus allow you to create a personalized combination, because all modules work with each other. In addition, you can choose for yourself 1 of 3 lid versions (Basic, Profi, Technik), which of course are compatible with each other.

Qbrick System Two

TWO line is a compact systems that combines the smartness and multifuncionality. Qbrick System TWO is designed for professionals, but also for the DIY enthusiasts. Durable, lightweight, innovative solutions with the ergonomics of work and very reasonable price make TWO works perfectly in Your place of work, during the renovation, but also as a mobile workshop in every garage.

Similarly, as in the option line ONE we offer two alternative transport systems (Cart and Transport Platform). The remaining modules are fully compatible with each other and have different size and equipment. In the case of the TWO modules, the limit is only Your imaginations and Your needs.

Qbrick System Pro

The newest addition to our portfolio – Qbrick System PRO is only seemingly classic. In reality, our toolboxes have a wide range of cutting-edge features which are: ability to piece toolboxes together, possibility to connect them with top of the line Qbrick System One Cart, full water resistance, extra durable materials used in key components (Polycarbonate and Polyamid).

PRO toolboxes are available in three sizes and thanks to this they are perfect for a large variety of implementations in everyday work and hobby environments. And each and every user is able to pick his loadout accordingly.