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Which product models have Multi-divider?2020-03-24T15:29:59+01:00

Multi-divider is a great solution to organzing your hand tools. It’s currently available inly in QS Two Cart.

QS Two Organizer Multi – where does it fit?2020-03-24T15:29:37+01:00

QS Two Organizer Multi fits great with QS Two Toolbox and QS Two Box 200 – thanks to special guideways these boxes can fit up to 4 or 6 QS Two Organizers Multi. Guideways prevent organizers from moving around the box, thus ensuring proper protection for their contents.

Which boxes can be connected with QS One Organizer XL?2020-03-24T15:30:30+01:00

QS One Organizer XL is the biggest model in our fresh QS One Organizer lineup. You can connect it with every model of QS One products lineup.

What types of lids are available for QS One and do they connect between each other?2020-03-24T15:31:08+01:00

In QS One line there are 3 types of lids characterized by different functionalities. Every one of them is equipped with cutting slot and measure. First type of lid – namely Basic is very durable thanks to it’s design and therefore perfect to be utilized as a stepping stool, extending your reach. Profi lid is equipped with two organizers with removable dividers and polycarbonate covers. The most advanced and specialised type of lid is Technik, equipped with innovative, aluminum rails to hold your bar clamps. Thanks to all those traits QS One toolboxes are perfect to utilize as work tables, made for precise cutting, gluing and clamping.

How much weight can QS One Cart and QS One Platform hold?2020-03-24T15:31:41+01:00

There are two mobile bases to create sets of toolboxes within QS One line. Cart the mobile toolbox, thanks to it’s big wheels mounted on metal axle enables moving of objects combine weight up to 50 kgs. QS One Transport Platform thanks to it’s reinforced construction and used materials can hold up to combined weight of 100 kgs.

Can you buy spare parts for Qbrick System products?2019-12-15T16:12:02+01:00

At this moment we are not selling spare parts for our products.

Where can I buy Qbrick System products?2019-12-15T16:16:16+01:00

You can find out using our “Distribution” section in main menu of our website. We will show you both regular shops, based on your location, as well as e-shops that provide deliveries to your address. Link to that section is here.

Can you combine different lines (One, Two, Pro) of Qbrick System products with each oter?2019-12-15T16:21:01+01:00

Every product line can be combined only within itself, eg. QS One products will not combine with QS Two products. The only exception for this rule is QS One Cart, which can be combined both with every QS One product, as well as QS Pro 500 and QS Pro 600.

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