Qbrick System PRO Organizer 200 MFI RED Ultra HD

RED ULTRA HD is a special edition of Qbrick System PRO products made of ultra-durable plastic, which is characterized by extraordinary resistance to mechanical damage. Conducted impact tests confirm its extraordinary durability, also in conditions below 0 ° C.

Qbrick System PRO Organizer 200 is an average organizer model from the PRO line. In addition to the standard equipment for this line, which includes the patented Easy Access System, a gasket in the lid (IP54), a super-durable polycarbonate cover, polyamide side connectors – it offers a very comfortable handle, polyamide front fasteners and two additional compartments for organizing small accessories.

The MFI version is equipped with multilayer foam inserts, which, after cutting the appropriate holes, will perfectly protect hand tools or power tools.

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