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Qbrick System was created in response to the needs of professionals who value innovation and understand multi-tasking.

We’ll show you how to get the most out of all the elements of the system. We will check how Qbrick System works in the extreme operating conditions and not only.

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Thanks to Extrempro you can watch the presentation of Qbrick System through the eyes of a professional!

QS ONE – removable dividers

Qbrick System ONE has: • adjustable loading space • belts • easy access

QS ONE – multifunctional containers

Qbrick System ONE has: • 2 sizes of containers • high load capacity • easy access and possibility of mounting on the wall

QS ONE – durable side connectors

• secure connection system • high damage resistance • resistance to high loads

QS ONE – durable organizers

Test shows excellent impact resistance of the covers of organizers used in Qbrick System One. Covers are made of transparent polycarbonate, which ensures excellent impact resistance and full visibility of the content of the organizer.

QS ONE- work platform

Qbrick System ONE is also very helpful work platform. With this feature, you’ll increase your reach up to 2.70 m.

QS ONE – durable latches

Test shows excellent durability of latched used in Qbrick System ONE products. Latches are made of technical polyamide that guarantees excellent durability without the risk of corrosion.

QS ONE – waterproof

The test shows the resistance of the tool boxes Qbrick System One on water and dust. Thanks to the flexible seal and hermetic design our solutions guarantee a high level of security for your valuable tools.

QS ONE – crashtest

The test shows the excellent resistance of new tool boxes Qbrick System One on potential damage.